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Re: Debian unstable kernel 2.4.16 modules?

+++ Petter Reinholdtsen [03-11-30 19:42 +0100]:
> [Wookey]
> > In the abscence of a reply from the man himself my unsertanding of the
> > current situation is:
> > 
> > Vince got debian-installer working on arm, by adding a sub-arch
> > mechanism to support the multitude of very different arm
> > platforms. However this was rejected by the DI team, for reasons I'm
> > not clear about although the fact that it would mean very large
> > uploads for each supported machine was part of the problem I think.
> Strange.  I'm part of the DI team, and do not remember such rejection.

OK- this was all second-hand info from Vince updating me. I could easily
have misrepresented the facts.

> > Obviously they are primarily concerned with getting DI reasonably
> > well-polished on i386 right now, but we do have a serious problem
> > with sub-arch support. Unless something drastic happens arm is going
> > to have to continue using bootfloppies for sarge or there will a
> > pile of unofficial DI versions for different machines.
> The powerpc developers have added a subarch system, and I hope it can
> be used for arm as well.  Someone need to do the work of course.  I'm
> not the man for that task.

OK. That sounds good. 

> > The fundamental problem is that the DI architecture assumes you can
> > have one kernel for your arch and add modules to deal with hardware
> > variations.  That simply isn't true for ARM.
> I'm not sure if that fundamental problem is fundamental, neither that
> it exist any more.  Someone else will need to investigate if it is
> enough for arm.

Sounds encouraging. This would be a useful thing for ARM to sponsor as it's
not getting done very fast at the moment...

thanx for the update.

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