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PPP problem

I have ARM Linux running on an Acorn Risc PC.  I am trying to set up a PPP
link to another machine via a null modem cable.  When I start pppd, the
following error line appears in daemon.log (I've turned on various debug
options in ppp/options):

modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-108

A Google search for this error revealed some postings suggesting setting up
an alias to ppp_generic for this module as a fix, but that alias is already
there in modules.conf.

Further info:

uname -a reports:
Linux riscpc 2.2.16-rmk3 #7 Tue Sep 5 08:11:58 BST 2000 armv4l unknown

/boot/config-2.2.16-rmk3 includes the line:

The only PPP related module in /lib/modules appears to be


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do to fix this?

I've upgraded many of the packages to those from Woody, but looking at the
kernel number above, I seem to be using the Potato kernel still, which
isn't surprising as the kernel is loaded from a file on the RISC OS side
using the application !Linux.  I don't know whether I need to find a newer
kernel image to put in its place or whether I should be booting into Linux
some other way these days, so advice on that would be welcome too.

Thank you,

Matthew Phillips

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