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Re: Suggestions for how ARM Ltd could help Debian?

+++ Adam C Powell IV [03-11-30 11:54 -0500]:
> On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 13:07, Wookey wrote:

> Just a side-note: mozilla still doesn't work properly, regxpcom and
> regchrome segfault (see my 10/28 post for latest fix attempt details). 
> And there's a libc6/binutils/dpkg-shlibdeps bug preventing illuminator
> from building (reported here 11/19, about to file a bug).

Ah OK, I hadn't properly appreciated that there were still hurdles.

> Hmm -- which gets me thinking, should there be a clearinghouse of known
> ARM-specific bugs?  (Is there one already?)  Then again, this might be
> better done with BTS indexing, or tagging, or something like that.

I did set up an 'arm things that need doing' page at the now-defunct
armlinux.org, but it would be long out of date even if it was still there.

I grep the RC bugs list that get's posted weekly for 'arm' from time to
time, but something smarter than that would be useful. The problem with that
list is that there are lots of useful things that don't have much to do with
Debian itself so I'm not sure they belong in the Dewbian BTS (unsupported
architectures and hardware for example). Still such an index would be handy...

> Otherwise, your wish-list looks good, can't think of anything else.

OK - thanx for the comments. I'll see what help is on offer/can be extracted.

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