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Re: Need help with Netwinder - cyber2000fb kernel command for kernel 2.4.16

I didn't do either. I enabled "Config Hotplug" and
it magically compiled. I picked that tip up on
the net somewhere and have no idea how or
why it works, but it did. My kernel is about 650K,
with all the goodies. Had to build sound and
video as modules. It works great!


- Doug

Peter Naulls wrote:

Also, that kernel source .text.exit error thing... what do I need
to do here exactly to fix this? This is with the Debian 2.4.16-all
source and the kernel-patch-2.4.16-arm applied. I would like to
make a mostly monolithic kernel with only a few modules, such
as binfmt_aout, binfmt_misc, loop, etc.

I think the advice that binutils gives you in its postinst is sound:

There are a few work-arounds, but the most reliable is to edit the
linker script for your architecture (e.g. arch/i386/vmlinux.lds) and
remove the '*(.text.exit)' entry from the 'DISCARD' line.  It will
bloat the kernel somewhat, but it should link properly.

Not for ARM - this file is generated from another.  You want to edit


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