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Re: Need help with Netwinder - cyber2000fb kernel command for kernel 2.4.16

On Sun, 2002-03-17 at 03:33, B. Douglas Hilton wrote:
> Also, that kernel source .text.exit error thing... what do I need
> to do here exactly to fix this? This is with the Debian 2.4.16-all
> source and the kernel-patch-2.4.16-arm applied. I would like to
> make a mostly monolithic kernel with only a few modules, such
> as binfmt_aout, binfmt_misc, loop, etc.

I think the advice that binutils gives you in its postinst is sound:

 There are a few work-arounds, but the most reliable is to edit the
 linker script for your architecture (e.g. arch/i386/vmlinux.lds) and
 remove the '*(.text.exit)' entry from the 'DISCARD' line.  It will
 bloat the kernel somewhat, but it should link properly.


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