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Need help with Netwinder - cyber2000fb kernel command for kernel 2.4.16


Well, I've been pretty successful with the Netwinder. I have
gotten "testing" installed and working. X is working. The mouse
is working in X. My firmware is now 2.3.3 and I did the tulip_upgd
thing, so it works too.

Now then, I would like to crank up my framebuffer resolution
to 1024x768-24@72 but the kernel seems to be ignoring my

boot cmd=video=cyber2000fb:1024x768-24@72

and neither did this work

boot cmd=video=cyber2000fb:1024x768

In either case it boots to 640x480-8

Any hints or tips?

I already have been scouring the net, reading the kernel docs,
etc. No luck so far.

Also, that kernel source .text.exit error thing... what do I need
to do here exactly to fix this? This is with the Debian 2.4.16-all
source and the kernel-patch-2.4.16-arm applied. I would like to
make a mostly monolithic kernel with only a few modules, such
as binfmt_aout, binfmt_misc, loop, etc.

I noticed I get a lot of unresolved symbols when I depmod -a
the files affected are:


None of these modules are needed by the Netwinder so I'm
probably going to just delete them.

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