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Netwinder stuck in 8pp color w/ Debian kernel 2.4.16 - more...

I found out that issuing the boot command: video=1024x768
I can get a flickering, squashed, weird display on bootup,
but it is really bad. 800x600 is acceptable, 1280x1024 is
worse than 1024x768, and 640x480 is probably the best.
My monitor's max capability is 1280x1024@60Hz

Anyways, fbset works just fine on this thing with the exception
that I cannot seem to change color depth to anything beyond
8bpp. Perhaps the debian kernel was only compiled for 8bpp?

I know the Netwinder should be able to do 1024x768 in 16bpp,
because it used to do that before I installed Debian.

By using "fbset 1024x768" and then "fbset -x" I got a modeline
which I pasted into XF86Config-4 and it works. I really would
like to get the 16bpp color if possible though. If anybody
knows something about this I would appreciate some info.

This all with nettrom-2.3.3, kernel 2.4.16-netwinder, and

Otherwise, it is shaping up very nicely. I just managed to build
an armv4l -> i686 cross debugger ( for use with Hurd ). The linux
kernel headers were a little shakey, in /usr/include/asm, both
param.h and page.h tried to include proc/param.h and arch/page.h
which on my system arch/ and proc/ are empty. I just commented
out the includes, crossed my fingers, and it kept on going.

The other compile error concerned /usr/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/2.95.4/include/stdbool.h

It gave an error about true and false previously defined. I just
commented out the enum section and hoped for the best.

- Doug

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