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Re: Upgraded NeTTrom from 2.1.24 to 2.3.3 - refuses to boot

[Phil Blundell]
> The "nwlilo not installed" is no cause for alarm.  NeTTrom doesn't start
> responding to the keyboard until quite late in the process, and it
> sounds like it is crashing before it gets there for some reason. 

Hm.  Disconnecting the keyboard makes it play the complete startup
sound and display some information about using the serial port.  With
the keyboard connected, only fraction of the startup sound is played
before it reboots.

> If you have a serial terminal available, try plugging it in - you
> may be able to obtain more information that way.

Working on it.  Do I need a crossover cable?  Which pins needs to be
shorted?  I'm trying to connect it to a 9-pin plug on my PC.

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