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Re: difference between armv3l and armv4l, ...

On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 10:43:26AM +0000, Philip Blundell wrote:
> >we need to make sure that the native code compiler don't make use of these
> >extra instructions though. from a quick glance at ocaml-3.01/asmrun/arm.S, i
> >don't think that is so, after all this file is pretty short, but then i know
> >nothing about arm assembly. Could you please look at it (it is 338 lines only)
> >and check that no armv4l instructions are used ?
> Will do.  But, looking at the build daemon logs, ocaml 3.01-4 won't build even 
> on armv4l:
> ../../../boot/ocamlrun ../../../ocamlopt -I ../../../stdlib -labels -c -I ../support tk.ml
> /tmp/camlasm2.s: Assembler messages:
> /tmp/camlasm2.s:26142: Error: Invalid constant
> /tmp/camlasm2.s:30129: Error: Invalid constant
> Assembler error, input left in file /tmp/camlasm2.s
> make[3]: *** [tk.cmx] Error 2

Erm, ...

stupid me, i built it, but there was no tcl/tk installed, at lest not the 8.3
-dev packages that are needed for it. Result, the place where the above caused
problem (the tk.ml file) was not reached.

I also might have messed up the armv3 and armv4 stuff. I guess medusa is one
of the armv3 boxes that where not supported previously.

I will thus close the bug, since armv3l is now supported, and i hope the above
problem is also resolved.

I can rebuild it (maybe tommorow, since it takes some time) once the
build-depends of ocaml are installed (that would be tcl/tk 8.3-dev, and not
the currently installed tcl/tk 8.0 -dev.

Does this cause problem ? if yes, i can move the build depends to use 8.0 on
arm, and 8.3 elsewhere.

Don't worry about the emacs dependency though, as i will remove it in a future
ocaml 3.01-5 package.


Sven Luther

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