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Re: difference between armv3l and armv4l, ...

On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 08:58:33AM +0000, Philip Blundell wrote:
> >Now, i have looked at this bug, saw that the upstream package checks for sa110
> >and armv4l, but rejects anything else. I have added armv3l support in the
> >3.01-4 version of this package, but as the ocaml package generate machine
> >code, maybe there is a reason for the armv3l subarch not being supported, so i
> >don't know if this will trully work.
> ARMv4l just adds a few extra instructions; I doubt the distinction is 
> actually important to your package.  The way the Debian compiler is set up it 
> will generate code that runs on older machines even if you compile on an ARMv4 
> box.

mmm, ...

we need to make sure that the native code compiler don't make use of these
extra instructions though. from a quick glance at ocaml-3.01/asmrun/arm.S, i
don't think that is so, after all this file is pretty short, but then i know
nothing about arm assembly. Could you please look at it (it is 338 lines only)
and check that no armv4l instructions are used ?

> We do have an armv3l machine available, and I'll try to test your package on 
> it later today.

Thanks, if it builds correctly, then i will close the bug on monday, and
forward the patch upstream.


Sven Luther

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