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Re: difference between armv3l and armv4l, ...

>Now, i have looked at this bug, saw that the upstream package checks for sa110
>and armv4l, but rejects anything else. I have added armv3l support in the
>3.01-4 version of this package, but as the ocaml package generate machine
>code, maybe there is a reason for the armv3l subarch not being supported, so i
>don't know if this will trully work.

ARMv4l just adds a few extra instructions; I doubt the distinction is 
actually important to your package.  The way the Debian compiler is set up it 
will generate code that runs on older machines even if you compile on an ARMv4 

We do have an armv3l machine available, and I'll try to test your package on 
it later today.


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