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Re: difference between armv3l and armv4l, ...

>we need to make sure that the native code compiler don't make use of these
>extra instructions though. from a quick glance at ocaml-3.01/asmrun/arm.S, i
>don't think that is so, after all this file is pretty short, but then i know
>nothing about arm assembly. Could you please look at it (it is 338 lines only)
>and check that no armv4l instructions are used ?

Will do.  But, looking at the build daemon logs, ocaml 3.01-4 won't build even 
on armv4l:

../../../boot/ocamlrun ../../../ocamlopt -I ../../../stdlib -labels -c -I ../support tk.ml
/tmp/camlasm2.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/camlasm2.s:26142: Error: Invalid constant
/tmp/camlasm2.s:30129: Error: Invalid constant
Assembler error, input left in file /tmp/camlasm2.s
make[3]: *** [tk.cmx] Error 2

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