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Re: What about ARM?

On 28 Dec 1999, Jim Pick wrote:
> The tricky thing with both the NetWinder and the Acorn machines is
> that a conventional PC-style boot disk isn't going to work (the
> NetWinder doesn't have a diskette, and the Acorn machines boot RiscOS
> from ROM).  So boot-floppies will need additional code and/or
> instructions.

I'm close to finishing a kernel tftp initrd loader which would probably be
ideal for this (it'll let you  use a file on a tftp server the same way
you would an initrd image on a boot floppy). I'm actually writing it for a
diskless NetWinder application where I don't want to use NFS root. I'll
announce the patch on the linux-kernel and linux-embedded lists when I get
the ramdisk load/identify/mount part working properly (the tftp part of it
already works fine), which hopefully will be pretty soon.

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