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Re: root password

On Wed, 29 Dec 1999 13:19:34 +0900, Daegyu Kim wrote:
> Is there any way to change the root password on my netwinder? The
> problem is that I forgot my root password.

The default root password on netwinders is 'vnc' (without the ' quotes).

If you want to change it, try to start linux with the following command

  linux init=/bin/bash

This will drop you in a very bare system with a root shell. Now mount the
root filesystem read-write, make a backup of the password file and edit

  mount -n -oremount,rw /
  cp /etc/passwd /etc/passwd-backup
  vi /etc/passwd

Edit the root account in such a way that the password entry is empty, like:

  root::0:0:super user:/:/bin/bash

Save the file and exit vi. Sync the disk caches and mount the filesystem

  sync ; sync ; sync ; mount -n -oremount,ro /

Reboot the machine by using Ctrl-Alt-Del. The machine should come up in
the normal way and you should be able to log in as root without password
(immediately set a new password).

If you happen to use shadow passwords, also backup /etc/shadow, remove
root from /etc/shadow and edit /etc/passwd like I described above.

Hope this helps,

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