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Re: What about ARM?

Jim Studt <jim@federated.com> writes:

> > Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:
> > > I've heard rumours that you will try for a potato release.  Is that true?
> > > If so, what is the status of that effort?
> I've pulled a machine from our test rigs to be a build daemon.  I've
> got the successful build rate for rebuilding out of date packages up
> to around 75%.  That is, it will generate the .debs without my 
> intervention, not that I've installed and verified the results.
> I've got 4 hours a day to work on the screwups.
> As soon as I've finished the out of date libs/* packages I'll start
> auto building and uploading all the out-of-date packages.

What autobuilding setup are you using?  As of yesterday, I'm trying to
set up wanna-build/buildd on rameau.debian.org (the machine Rebel.com
set up for us).  As I understand it, the system uses a central
database for dispatching build jobs (wanna-build), and one (or more)
build daemons (buildd).

It's quite complex, and completely undocumented, so it may take me a
while to get it working right.  Fortunately, I've got access to
samosa.debian.org (the i386 autobuilder), so I can copy the setup from

Once I get rameau setup, I think we can set up additional build
daemons.  Did you ever get your maintainer application processed?
> After that I'll look at the netwinder installation kits.  I don't
> know anything about Acorns, but I have experience in cramming linux
> into tiny spaces.

The tricky thing with both the NetWinder and the Acorn machines is
that a conventional PC-style boot disk isn't going to work (the
NetWinder doesn't have a diskette, and the Acorn machines boot RiscOS
from ROM).  So boot-floppies will need additional code and/or

> What sort of package coverage or milestones should we reach to call it
> a release?  How about kernel issues to be nailed before release?
> I'm showing something like...
> 	1073 up to date or not architecture appropriate
> 	617 out of date (less 39 sitting in my upload spool)
> 	999 uncompiled

I'm not sure what sort of package coverage is necessary.  It's
probably up to us, I think.  It's probably a requirement to have every
binary package that we do ship up-to-date however.  Obviously,
boot-floppies is needed.  I've been neglecting glibc and the
toolchain, so that probably needs work again too.


 - Jim

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