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Re: What about ARM?

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Jim Studt wrote:

> I'm in favor of getting the distribution officially released.  I would
> expect the at least one of the new Intel ARM and HP ARM to come out 
> before the woody release finally ambles out the door.  We'll have 
> better chances of getting a vendor interested in Linux support if we
> 'have' a distribution rather than 'have been trying to finish a 
> distribution'.  I'm hoping there will be some interesting price
> performance machines with the new ARMs.

I think I'm allowed to point out that there is a company interested in
working on, releasing and supporting Debian/ARM; very much so, in fact.

Shall I put you in touch with them?  Do they dare speak their name yet? ;-)

Chris <chris@fluff.org>                         ( http://www.fluff.org/chris )

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