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Re: Port status

Allan Anderson <cerebus@email.com> writes:

> Jim, 
> 	I have just gotten a new hard drive for my (languishing) netwinder, and
> put the latest image from the guys at rebel (screwed up somehow, check
> netwinder.devel if you're interested) and your debian image from August
> (which works pretty well).  I'm also a lapsed maintainer...I am in the
> unfortunate state of having a hard drive crash wipe out my pgp info
> (argh!), and given the state of maintainer maintanence, I wonder what my
> chances of getting help sorting this out is.
> 	Anyhow, I'd love to help out with debian ports and getting things set
> up, but am hampered by still needed to get my debian installation into a
> fully working state (apt, perl, etc) and getting my developership back
> in action.  I'll work on those two (any suggestions are welcome) -- is
> there a list of open projects needed to get the debian arm port working
> well?

There isn't really a list of things to do.  Just work on what you want
to work on.  If I had time, I'd work on setting up the autobuilder
myself - but I probably won't have time for that for a few weeks at


 - Jim

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