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Re: Video mode, X-cfb16, kernel make trouble, su fails, configure option

>> 1. How do I set the startup/default fb mode?  Is it something like:
>> boot cmd=video=cyber2000fb:vmode=1024x768
>> That doesn't work.  I can use fbset just fine, but when X starts, it
>> goes back to 640x480.  Also, I'd like to start with all of the VCs in
>> 1024x768.
>I'm not sure.  I'm interested in that too.

Looking at the source I don't think the cyber2000 driver supports options at 
the moment.  I think you have to recompile to change the default resolution.

>> 1a. Is there a NeTTrom environment variable to set which passes options
>> to the kernel?  Nothing given by printenv seems to match.
>I don't know.

Isn't this what `cmdappend' does, or is that something else?  Probably best to 
ask on the netwinder newsgroups.


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