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Re: Video mode, X-cfb16, kernel make trouble, su fails, configure option

>Cool, thanks!  Now I can make, but the linker dies with the famous
>/usr/bin/ld: unrecognised emulation mode: armelf_linux

Sigh.  That shouldn't happen -- the kernel ought to be smart enough to figure 
out what sort of linker you have.  Could you take a look at the NEW_LINKER 
gubbins at the top of arch/arm/Makefile, compare it to the output you get from 
your ld, and see if you can spot the problem?

># dh_clean -k
>dh_clean: No such file or directory

Is `dh_clean' a script?  If so, check that the interpreter named in the first 
line of it exists.  If it's an executable, do the same for its dynamic linker.


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