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Re: CATS success

>Are you going to be running Debian-ARM?

That's my plan.  The CATS machine doesn't actually belong to me though, and it 
may need to be returned to its rightful owners at some point in which case 
I'll be reduced to only using the NetWinder again.  I'm planning to install 
Debian on that machine as well though.

>maybe you'd like to take care of kernel compiles in the future?  (Have
>you registered as a Debian developer)?  Or perhaps: Split into two 
>kernels, one for the netwinder and one for your cats?

I'd be quite happy to deal with kernel compiles.  I already end up building 
kernels for most machines quite regularly and making them into a package 
shouldn't be any big deal.  Do Debian have any policy about which 
configuration options are usually set for kernels?

(No, I haven't registered as a Debian developer.  I guess I could do so though 
I'd formed the impression that there was a fair amount of bureaucracy and 
general strife involved.)

>In either case, feel free to pass your .config along, I will give it a 
>shot on the Netwinder also.  If there is nothing that would make it
>less optimized on the Netwinder, there is nothing wrong with making it 
>part of a common kernel.

I'll send the .config shortly.  A kernel with support for more than one 
platform will be slightly larger and slower than one compiled specifically for 
one machine, but I don't think the performance difference will be noticeable 
in use.



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