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Re: CATS success

>>>>> "Philip" == Philip Blundell <philb@gnu.org> writes:
    Philip> Is it the intention to distribute a common kernel that
    Philip> will work on all EBSA-285-like systems, or separate images
    Philip> for NetWinder, CATS and EBSA?  I can provide a .config
    Philip> file appropriate for CATS if that would be helpful.  I
    Philip> think a kernel compiled with this configuration will
    Philip> probably run on NetWinder and EBSA-285 too but I haven't
    Philip> actually checked.

That depends. :-)

Are you going to be running Debian-ARM?  If so, maybe you'd like to
take care of kernel compiles in the future?  (Have you registered as a
Debian developer)?  Or perhaps: Split into two kernels, one for the
netwinder and one for your cats?

In either case, feel free to pass your .config along, I will give it a 
shot on the Netwinder also.  If there is nothing that would make it
less optimized on the Netwinder, there is nothing wrong with making it 
part of a common kernel.


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