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Any clues where gcrtn.o lives?

In building the db_2.4.14 package for get libdb2*.deb it wants
to make some libraries with the "gcc -pg" option.  This appears
to be broken in a number of different ways.

The egcs specs file wants a gcrtn.o file, it does not exist.
The code generator is naming the line counters like ".LP1", but
referencing them as "LP1" so "-pg" code doesn't even link.

Barring some hints on how to get -pg fixed, (I don't have time just
now to dig into egcs), I plan to upload a set of the libdb2*.deb
files with profiling disabled.  I've editted debian/rules to make
this change.  Should this be put up as an NMU, or just a bastardized
set of packages?

(I just wanted 'man' to work.... I've got man-db built and uploaded,
but you need libdb2 to run it.) 

                                     Jim Studt, President
                                     The Federated Software Group, Inc.

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