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Re: X

David Welton <davidw@gate.cks.com> wrote:

: When I asked after this earlier, Andrew said that his patches fit in
: cleanly with the upstream sources.  It would be nice to integrate them
: in the main X package...

Of course.  I've let Branden know that I'll be the binary-arm victim for his
X strike force.  However, the dust hasn't settled yet on the big reorg they
have done of the X packages for slink, and so it's a really bad time to try
and join in.  He's asked me to wait until they're happy with the state of
the source tree before I start submitting diffs. 

So, short term, I'm trying to get us a working server with better performance 
and fewer bugs than the snapshot Jim built earlier... and then I'll dig into 
what it's going to take to fold the Corel changes into the mainstream Debian 
X source tree.

I'm flying out Friday morning the 20th to a meeting that I'd like to show
the Netwinder off to some friends at... so I'm going to spend some time 
between now and then making it as presentable as I can.

I got cvs to compile from the sources in unstable earlier this evening, but 
the packaging failed due to the lack of groff.  Source dependencies sure would
be nice...  I did an unpackaged install, and the bits are working fine on my 
Netwinder.  So, I suspect that if we get groff to build (another C++ monster),
packaging cvs will be trivial.

Jim, how go the compiler/tool wars?  Do we have a C++ compiler that works


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