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Re: X

Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> writes:

> I got cvs to compile from the sources in unstable earlier this
> evening, but the packaging failed due to the lack of groff.  Source
> dependencies sure would be nice...  I did an unpackaged install, and
> the bits are working fine on my Netwinder.  So, I suspect that if we
> get groff to build (another C++ monster), packaging cvs will be
> trivial.

There's an unofficial groff at:


> Jim, how go the compiler/tool wars?  Do we have a C++ compiler that
> works yet?

The g++ in the gcc package works to a certain extent.  The big problem
is that we are still using a libstdc++ that was built by just snagging
the files from Corel's image way back in July.

Here's what I think might work:

 - use gcc 2.8.1 (from Corel) as our primary C compiler, just like how
   the i386 port uses gcc 2.7.2 - it sounds like we need this particular
   compiler to get the Corel kernel compiled.

 - use egcs for g++ - this is what the rest of the Debian ports do.  I've
   built egcs before, and it worked for simple things (in C).  For complex
   stuff, like glibc, it didn't work.  I never tried out eg++.

   We'd build egcc as a "secondary compiler" (ie. not as a gcc replacement).

   The libstdc++ package also comes from here.

   Philip Blundell has a patch for it at:

   I know Corel has a patch for libstdc++ that they use, so that would
   need to be looked at as well.

   I don't pretend to understand the issues involved.  I've never
   really "cut it" as a c++ guy - I've learnt it, but I've never
   really accomplished anything worthwhile with it.

Alternatively, we could try to do the same thing as Corel, and use the
g++ from their gcc, and build a separate libstdc++ package (ie. not
use the one from egcs).

I don't have time to work on the NetWinder stuff until Monday or
Tuesday, when I was going to tackle glibc.

I'd really, really appreciate it if somebody else wanted to tackle
this.  I was only planning to take a look at it after I get glibc
working, which might take all next week.


 - Jim

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