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Re: Bug status

* Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen@err.no) [061112 19:34]:
> * Andreas Barth 
> | I intend to NMU the issues marked with (*) as soon as the current
> | apache2 package went to testing - of course, only in case nobody has an
> | issue with the NMU.
> I have an issue with people NMUing packages where the maintainer is
> active.  You NMU has so far cost me more than an hour's work of
> cleanup.  Please don't do that ever again.

You didn't say anything at all what you think was wrong in that NMU.
Besides, I announced my intention to NMU in a bug report, by mail here
and in IRC, and didn't get any negative answer from you. You just
started to give negative answers *after* the NMU was uploaded. Please
communicate next time in time.


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