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Bug status


I worked a bit today on apache2 bugs.

I intend to fix the following bugs ASAP:
     * #397310: apache2: silently breaks website authentication
needs to add an a2enmod authz_user at the appropriate place.

     * #392349: apache 2.2 upgrade breaks, missing Order (authz_host
     * #392352: apache2.2-common: install does not enable replacement
       modules for default config
     * #392701: apache 2.2 upgrade didn't notice AuthUserFile
     * #393913: apache2: After an upgrade index.php wouldn't load
     * #396678: syntax error in default config file
needs to replace in postinst in the line
if [ "$2" = "<unknown>" -o -z "$2" ] || dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt 2.2.0-3; then
2.2.0-3 with the current version in unstable.

     * #395976: apache2.2-common: missing mod_auth_ldap
       Package: apache2.2-common (apache2 2.2.3-2; fixed: 2.2.3-2);
This is basically the same fix - just replace at a different line.

     * #397886: apache2.2-common: non wanted behaviour during upgrade:
       charset MUST not be created without user consent
actually, this was reported very recently, but I definitly think that
this is an RC-bug as it breaks existing usages. Unless there is reason
why not, I intend to fix this bug as well.

There is another often-reported issue:
     * #298689: apache2: logrotate script and new init script break ssl
       certificates with passphrase
     * #314878: apache2-common: Do 'reload' instead of 'restart' in
     * #301702: apache2 start failed during restart when logs rotated
This can be fixed by using reload instead of restart - but I want to
have a least some review on that first before commiting such a change.

There are two bugs where I'm not so sure if the fix is the correct one:
     * #375369: apache2-mpm-prefork: consumes all available CPU on start
       after a crash
       Fix: rm /var/run/apache2/__db.ssl_scache || true

     * #397539: apache2-mpm-prefork: apache2 no longer works after
       upgrade (Invalid command 'DAVLockDB')
       Fix: if /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dav.conf exists -> a2enmod dav_fs
I don't mind including them in my upload, but I want some review
comments first.

There are a few bugs where the reasoning should be documented in NEWS.Debian
(well, at least I don't understand it from the current documentation):
     * #395959: apache2: Auth dbd with MySQL driver doesn't work
     * #391393: apache2.2-common: missing modules cern_meta, dumpio and
     * #395823: apache2-ssl-certificate disappeared


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