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Re: Apache crash: "Child returned a Fatal error"??

R.M. Evers said:
> Yes, this is the first time it happened since I installed the server
> about half a year ago. And all my other servers are running fine. The
> configuration is pretty much the same on all of them, which is the
> reason I'm getting a bit nervous :) I was hoping someone would have
> experience with this, since I don't think I can reproduce the failure,
> except for to wait until it happens again. Log info is too little. The
> only thing I know, is that things went bad after the logrotation. I've
> Googled around, and found some more people who have this problem, but no
> answers yet..
> -Rodi

I might be entirely wrong, but I seem to remember this happening (child
exiting with fatal error) when the disk that it was writing its access
log to filled up.


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