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Re: Apache crash: "Child returned a Fatal error"??

Hi Rodi,
	 i am afraid that if we can't enough info to reproduce or traking
it, this is going to be classified as "lunar ray hitting the power cable
during solar eclipse" problem....


On Mon, 1 Sep 2003, R.M. Evers wrote:

> Hi Fabio,
> Yes, this is the first time it happened since I installed the server
> about half a year ago. And all my other servers are running fine. The
> configuration is pretty much the same on all of them, which is the
> reason I'm getting a bit nervous :) I was hoping someone would have
> experience with this, since I don't think I can reproduce the failure,
> except for to wait until it happens again. Log info is too little. The
> only thing I know, is that things went bad after the logrotation. I've
> Googled around, and found some more people who have this problem, but no
> answers yet..
> -Rodi

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