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Re: Apache crash: "Child returned a Fatal error"??


On Mon, 1 Sep 2003, R.M. Evers wrote:

> Hi,
> This weekend something weird happened on one of our test servers. I came
> in the office today, to find Apache crashed.. Looking at the logs, I
> found these entries:
> ----
> [Sat Aug 30 06:26:02 2003] [notice] SIGUSR1 received.  Doing graceful
> restart
> [Sat Aug 30 06:26:06 2003] [notice] Apache configured -- resuming normal
> operations
> [Sat Aug 30 06:26:06 2003] [notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper:
> /usr/lib/apache/suexec)
> [Sat Aug 30 06:26:06 2003] [notice] Accept mutex: sysvsem (Default:
> sysvsem)
> accept_mutex_off: Identifier removed
> [Sat Aug 30 06:27:48 2003] [alert] Child 22425 returned a Fatal error...
> Apache is exiting!
> ----
> So, apparently after the logrotation things went bad. Later that day, at
> 23:57, apache crashed.
> I'm using Debian/stable (Woody) with kernel 2.4.18 and Apache is using
> PHP4/MySQL and mod_ssl.
> This is pretty bad, since most of my production servers here run
> Debian/stable as well, and it's making me a bit nervous.. Does anyone
> know what could be going on?

Is it the first time that something like this happen??
Just some wild guessing: Are the other servers working fine? Hardware
problems (RAM or CPU)??? Are the configuration all the same or this one is
different from the other?? The major point is: can be this behaviour
reproduced?? In this case can you trying disabling all the modules and see
it happens again? and then reenabling one by one to spot which one is
giving problems???


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