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Re: Need a html5 browser for squeeze

On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 05:37:52PM +0100, Michael wrote:
>  Hendrik,
> Yes, i agree. When using testing, you have to learn a new discipline: 
> Update only when you feel like it ;)
> And you can always cancel when package manager indicates problems.

Package manager did not indicate problems.

> > the evening struggling with the computer, installing kde, instead of 
> > getting useful work done.
> In the past, i had a lot of trouble like this. Then i realized i need 
> only lots of full fledged applications anyway, no desktop notifiers 
> and whatever, and a plain Windowmaker is totally perfect for me. It 
> allows me application launchers on as much workspaces i want. What 
> else should i ever need ?

I should try Windowmaker.

> But i agree, if you're still on Gnome or KDE you need to be very careful.

At the moment xdm doesn't seem to work with the corrent kernel, nothing 
to do with Gnome of KDE.  So I pick an old kernel every time I boot.

> > My wife was happy staying with stable.
> And i am happy with the latest video codecs ;)

Video codecs would be nice.  But my laptop doesn't seem to have the 
hardware needed to keep up with them.  I've pretty much gven up on 

But I'm happy with libreoffice.  Too bad is wasn't out in 
time for stable.  Openoffice had dropped support for 
.fodt files, which are essential to my production chain.  Well, I 
suppose I could have rewritten a lot of coode instead.

> - and firefox 8.
> > keeping up with mozilla might have some of the same problems 
> > all by itself.
> I can not remember there was any such problem with Mozilla, in many years. And i'm running unstable on several machines. I think it's only the desktop environments complexity which seem to reach the limit for the Free Software developing process, especially stability maintenance.

It's the plugins that don't keep up.

-- hendrik

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