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Re: Need a html5 browser for squeeze

On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 03:16:53AM +0100, Michael wrote:
> Why not move to Debian testing ('wheezy') altogether.

Maybe for the stability of stable?

I use testing, but my wife refuses; she's on stable.   Too much change 
from day to day.  And I can't say she's wrong.

I did a routine upgrade a few weeks ago, before havein friends over for 
a write-in, only to discover that gnome had become unusable.  I spent 
the evening struggling with the computer, installing kde, instead of 
getting useful work done.

A few days later I migrated to xfce.

My wife was happy staying with stable.

Mond you keeping up with mozilla might have some of the same problems 
all by itself.  But it'll be easy to uninstall the backport and go back 
to the stable version if necessary.

-- hendrik

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