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Re: Changing from stable to testing.....

Thanks Brian.  Info much appreciated.

brian m. carlson wrote:
On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 07:39:52PM +0200, sigi wrote:
last time I tried to dist-upgrade to squeeze, I got stuck in an (for me) unresolvable loop: The system wanted to upgrade the kernel-image and udev in one run - which failed. apt-get always complained, that the kernel-image needs the new udev-package to upgrade - and udev itself needed the new kernel-image... I don't know, if this problem still exists - if yes: you should find a way of not getting into this loop, where no "apt-get -f install" helped to stop this. I reinstalled lenny after this... ;)

This is #571255.  udev should be fixed and in testing by now.

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