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Re: Changing from stable to testing.....

Darn, Thanks sigi for the info. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to reply. Hot hung up on some things. Will see what others have said about things and am glad you gave me the heads up. That type of thing is just what I was/am worried about. Not my idea of a good time. 8^)

Thanks again.

sigi wrote:
Hi Whit, last time I tried to dist-upgrade to squeeze, I got stuck in an (for me) unresolvable loop: The system wanted to upgrade the kernel-image and udev in one run - which failed. apt-get always complained, that the kernel-image needs the new udev-package to upgrade - and udev itself needed the new kernel-image... I don't know, if this problem still exists - if yes: you should find a way of not getting into this loop, where no "apt-get -f install" helped to stop this. I reinstalled lenny after this... ;) Best regards, sigi

On Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 10:35:31PM -0400, Whit Hansell wrote:
Just thinking that since Squeeze is coming up to be the new stable and have been running Lenny since March of 2009, I was wondering about how difficult it would be to change from Lenny(stable) to Squeeze(testing) now. [...]

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