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Re: Changing from stable to testing.....

On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 09:10:09PM -0500, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> I did the upgrade from lenny to squeeze without any problems - if you 
> read the wiki, you are supposed to upgrade apt dpkg and aptitude first - 
> then the kernel - then distupgrade.

And was your system up and usable during pretty well the entire install?
Except during the reboot for the new kernel, of course.  I'm talking 
of network services, such as mail forwarding, NFS service, etc.

If so, I'll probably copy the entire system (so I have a fallback just 
in case) and then upgrade as above.

> It worked - but - there is always some cruft that accumulates - so if you 
> have time, you might want to bkup your old etc and home - then move to a 
> new install - migrating configs one at a time. Some of my cruft dated 
> back to sarge...
> On the other hand - with a nvidia card and dual head monitors - kde4 is 
> amazing - I think we just left windoze in the rear view mirror..

Only one monitor, but I have nvidia on the motherboard.  Looking forward 
to it.

-- hendrik

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