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Re: Who is starting this process?

> By any chance, did you install a package called "desktop-base" during your
> last upgrade? I'm not certain that this is the correct package name, but I
> recall installing a package that caused kdm to ignore the kdmrc file and
> read, instead, a file installed in the /etc/default directory. After
> installing it a couple of times I finally learned to avoid it.
> cmr

This was a god idea, but sadly not the reason. I agree with you, that some 
package might be responsible for this. As I set in kdmrc a negative number for 
vt, it takes the highest non used terminal by the kernel.

I tried to set vt=7 in kdmrc, and yes, that worked. X then is on vt7. But this 
thing I knew before. 

What I want to find out more is, why debian is suddenly changing the use of 
tty7 and tty8. 

I still found no way, to find out what processes need tty7 and 8, ps did tell 
nothing. I still found out, that debian-desktop changed initrd-image, another 
point, that the kernel seems something to do with this behaviour.

Obviously only few people seem to know, what is causing this. I googled a 
little bit, and vt9 seem to be used in other distributions, too.

On the other hand, a friend of mine is using sid/amd64, too, and his X is 
running on vt7. Really weired....

Anyway, as it is not a bug at all, it is not serious, but it would be just 
nice to know, what is happening.



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