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Re: ia32-apt-get: How this is tuppodes to be used???

Hello all,

This discussion interests me very much.

2009/7/1 Dominique Dumont <domi.dumont@free.fr>
>    Merci beaucoup Dominique!

De rien ;-)

>     I get the point so what I must to do to avoid 'ia32-apt-get
> confusion', this is not install i386/32bits packages overwriting amd64
> versions?

Yes, but it may not be easy depending on the application you want to run. For
instance wine requires 32b libs. (although I have not completely understood
wine requirements regarding 32b vs 64b)

It's still not clear to me how we should install ia32 libs on amd64 systems. If I try to install a 32b library, sometimes it will try to overwrite an amd64, sometimes not. Pinning is the right choice? For instance, libasound, etc. The 32b libraries will be installed correctly on /emul/ia32? Is there any howto to solve this problems? For now, I'm still using ia32-libs and ia32-libs-gtk from testing to keep things like skype and firefox 3.5 working.

>     Another question: what is the best combination to run proprietary
> ATi Video drivers? fglrx-*=1:9-5-1 + linux-image=2.6.26-17?

"best" is difficult to estimate... Safer means sticking to Lenny.

If you need more recent packages, either use testing or unstable.
Blending Lenny and Sid is more risky.

Currently, fglrx-*=1:9-5-1 is the latest you can install on sid/amd64 with
kernel 2.6.29.


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