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Re: ia32-apt-get: How this is tuppodes to be used???


Let me try to explain this.

First debian try to be pure on the distribution packages e.i. all the packages try to be amd64 for the amd64 version but some packages are not designed to be 64bits like wine...

wine is an 32bits application and needs 32bits libraries

the same for skype and acroread both programs needs 32bits libraries

If you have a program 32bits and this needs some libraries this libraries are 32bits there is no other way...
If you have a program 64bits and this needs some libraries this libraries are 64bits there is no other way...

nspluginwrapper is a program that allows to run firefox 32bits plugins in firefox 64bits and for this needs both libraries...

You must pin your 32bits repos to prevent the mix of this libraries, in general you must not allow the replace of a 64bits library with a 32bits library...

You should install only the 32bits libraries that yours "only 32bits" programs needs...

Hope this help.

On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 12:45 PM, Ivan Marin <ispmarin@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello all,

This discussion interests me very much.

2009/7/1 Dominique Dumont <domi.dumont@free.fr>
>    Merci beaucoup Dominique!

De rien ;-)

>     I get the point so what I must to do to avoid 'ia32-apt-get
> confusion', this is not install i386/32bits packages overwriting amd64
> versions?

Yes, but it may not be easy depending on the application you want to run. For
instance wine requires 32b libs. (although I have not completely understood
wine requirements regarding 32b vs 64b)

It's still not clear to me how we should install ia32 libs on amd64 systems. If I try to install a 32b library, sometimes it will try to overwrite an amd64, sometimes not. Pinning is the right choice? For instance, libasound, etc. The 32b libraries will be installed correctly on /emul/ia32? Is there any howto to solve this problems? For now, I'm still using ia32-libs and ia32-libs-gtk from testing to keep things like skype and firefox 3.5 working.

>     Another question: what is the best combination to run proprietary
> ATi Video drivers? fglrx-*=1:9-5-1 + linux-image=2.6.26-17?

"best" is difficult to estimate... Safer means sticking to Lenny.

If you need more recent packages, either use testing or unstable.
Blending Lenny and Sid is more risky.

Currently, fglrx-*=1:9-5-1 is the latest you can install on sid/amd64 with
kernel 2.6.29.


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