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Re: How would I get debian unstable?

On Fri, Jun 06, 2008 at 01:54:35AM -0400, Robert Isaac wrote:
> > Do you know the difference between Unix and Linux?  Short answer is that
> > Linux wrote Linux when he needed a Unix but Unix was caught in the Unix
> > wars and there wasn't one available that wasn't tied up in legal
> > wrangling and rewriting to remove copywritten code.
> So the kernel wrote itself?  How is that possible?  Has it become so
> advanced in the future that it is capable of time travel and traveled
> back to 1991 to self replicate?  Should we be worried about
> consciousness within the Linux kernel?  Or did you mean Linus wrote
> Linux?

Ha!  I thought I was careful to use "s" instead of "x", but I'm not at
my IBM clicky keyboard.  I hate "modern" keyboards.

Yes, Linux wrote Linux when BSD wasn't available.  I've read a quote
somewhere that if BSD had been available he wouldn't have bothered with


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