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Re: Debian amd64 from the net: Installation failed

On Sat, Dec 29, 2007 at 06:35:13PM +0100, Patrizio O.C. Melis wrote:
> > >Well, the ftp.debian.org mirror is depreciated.  Use another mirror.
> > >See the debian website for a list of mirrors: choose one close to you.
>  I've tried... the mirror do not run
> >If you have any CD other than the businesscard.iso then you can install
> > >a minimal system without any further network during the install.  Once
> > >you reboot, you can set up networking and choose a better mirror.
>  also  I've tried... do not run anyway... :(

Do you mean that you can't get the iso to install?  If so, then the
problem isn't the mirror.  IIRC, you said that your friend already made
the CD for you from a debian mirror.

> I think the problem is only for 64bit releases... I have an etch 32 bit in a
> little laptop that do not worrry me... Is my only satisfation in debian
> world.
> I'm very deceived.

Confused perhaps.  


Start at the beginning.  Tell us the name of the CD; i.e. if you can,
the URL from which it was burned.

Put it into the machine and power it on.  What happens?

Have you read the installation manual?


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