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Re: Keyboard remapping.

Nuno Magalhães wrote:
>> Why not just set up a Compose Key? I have my compose key set to the
>> right Windows key on my keyboard, so to type ê, for example, I could type:
> 'Cos i was being picky :-) I assume that's the same as using AltGr,
> i'd be happy with that as well, but regardless of the way i choose to
> do it i'd have to add something somewhere, that's where i'm lost.

It's similar to using AltGr, but not the same. With AltGr you can only
do one special character per key, so you're limited to about 50 total.
And if they're not already labeled on your keyboard you have to remember
which key is used for which character. A compose key puts you into a
special entry mode. So, with the ê example above, assuming you're using
the right Win key as your Compose Key:

Push (and release) the right Win key
Type the letter "e"
Type the character "^"

What you'll see appear on the terminal is "ê".

Here's instructions on how to set it up system-wide:


To set it per-user you can use either xmodmap, setxkbmap, or if you're
using Gnome or KDE, you can set it through the GUI tools. (In Gnome, for
example, go to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard -> Layout Options)

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will be answered.

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