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Re: halt upon usb removal

On Mon, 2007-12-10 at 19:33 +0000, Nuno Magalhães wrote:
> Greetz,
> Prior to figuring out what was wrong with the deb64 netinst (needed
> -noacpi) i was using M$ XP Pro x64 without any major issues. The only
> annoying one was that sometimes, after unmounting a usb-drive, once
> i'd remove it from the PC it would shutdown. Only sometimes. I thought
> it was a Redmond issue and eventually got Etch up and running
> dualbooted. At the moment i'm using gnome and it just did the same
> thing: i unmounted the drive and once i removed the usb-stick gnome
> shutdown (halt), as if i had chosed to shut it down.

This depends on whether the system is shutting down properly or just
dying. If the system just spontaneously shuts down/reboots, then there's
probably an electrical problem with the board and it needs to be

However, it sounds from what you've said that the PC is actually
shutting down gracefully. In this case, and since it's happening in both
Windows and Debian, my bet would be that something in the BIOS is
sending an ACPI shutdown signal when a USB device is removed. I would
start by looking in the BIOS for any USB or ACPI related configuration.
While I've never seen the option in a BIOS for this, there's certainly
no reason that there couldn't be a setting that says something like
"Send ACPI shutdown signal on device removal" or something along those

Alex Malinovich
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