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Re: halt upon usb removal

Hi Nuno.

need more info and we don't know your level of expertise.

what was mounted on the usb stick prior to unmounting.
what was the command you issued to unmount.
are you saying that the kernel did a proper "shutdown" or did you have a 
kernel seize or crash where the machine goes directly to "off" as if you 
pushed the reset.
did the hardware shutdown or did it just reboot?
Did you check through the logs in /var - (this will only probably help if your 
machine did some kind of a proper shutdown, in other words, if the kernel 
didn't crash)

I have that very same board, and while I did have issues earlier on with 2.6, 
they seem to be resolved now.  however, I don't use a usb stick.

Chris W.

OnDecember 10, 2007 11:33:56 am Nuno Magalhães wrote:
> Greetz,
> Prior to figuring out what was wrong with the deb64 netinst (needed
> -noacpi) i was using M$ XP Pro x64 without any major issues. The only
> annoying one was that sometimes, after unmounting a usb-drive, once
> i'd remove it from the PC it would shutdown. Only sometimes. I thought
> it was a Redmond issue and eventually got Etch up and running
> dualbooted. At the moment i'm using gnome and it just did the same
> thing: i unmounted the drive and once i removed the usb-stick gnome
> shutdown (halt), as if i had chosed to shut it down.
> So, if it's not OS-related... Could it be drivers?
> My board is an Asus M2NPV-VM, any suggestions?
> Could if be something in the board itself?
> --
> Fica bem, porta-te mal.
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