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Re: Package xserver-xorg-core and Nvidia

> AFAIK not all specs are available and
> even the released ones have some holes. I'm sure these will be solved
> over time but IMHO right _now_ the only fully supported Radeon family is
> still the R200 generation. R300 and partly R400 is becoming pretty good
> but it is not yet complete. Work on R500 has been started but is far
> from being ready, and support for R600 is not on the horizont yet.

It's my understanding that the r500/600 libre driver is now in a
usable 2d state[1] thanks to the release of the specs and the existing
code from the Avivo driver, which should make the R500/600 chips a
viable desktop option if you do not require 3D support,  especially as
the R500 cards can be bought at a significantly less price than
intel's cards.

It is also my understanding that the release of specs for the r300/400
cards is being held up by the AMD legal department's audit of the
specs and has nothing to do with AMD/ATi's new policy towards

[1] http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=921&num=1

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