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Re: Package xserver-xorg-core and Nvidia

On Wednesday 21 Nov 2007, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> Dear maintainers,
> it is not possible, to install the newest xorg-version without upgrading to
> a newer version of nvidia-glx. Yes, I know, this is because xorg 7.3 is
> using a new ABI for Nvidias new binary part and you need xorg7.3 for the
> newer drivers.
> But because of these dependencies, I have to get the newer version og
> Nvidias driver, which let freeze my system (reason is the binary closed
> source part of the package nvidia-glx)
> So it would be nice, if you could create a package "xserver-xorg-core"
> without the dependencies to nvidia-glx. So I can update to a newer version
> of xorg and keep my older Nvidia driver.

It's not really Debian's fault that NVidia are a bunch of AH's who won't 
release full specifications allowing the creation of an Open Source driver.  
You should write to your elected representative and request a law banning 
this practice  (or just better enforcement of any existing law which may 
already forbid it).  

Best course of action:  stick to Intel graphics, or use the free "nv" driver.


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