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Re: Kernel and Xen on an Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5320 processor

Hello Gilles,

On 9/11/07, Gilles Mocellin <gilles.mocellin@free.fr> wrote:

You you really want to mix Xen and Vservers, What I would do myself, is a
light Xen Dom0 without the vserver patch, and a DomU specialized for
vservers, with the vserver and xen kernel.
Other DomU for other virtual machines, perhaps Windows one ore full
virtuallized other distro...

By not using vservers directly on Dom0, you'll keep the possibility of online
migration of the Xen DomU.

But, I must say, I nerver used vservers... specialy with Xen...

Thank you for your suggestion.



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