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Re: deciding on a new amd64 system

On Wed, Jun 06, 2007 at 09:54:01PM -0400, Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> I chose AMD since IMHO Intel and MS are kissing siblings.  I have the
> Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe; I didn't need the Wifi.

Based on the amount of code contribution coming from intel to the linux
kernel, I would very much disagree with that.  I think intel has
questionable marketing practices, but I don't think they care one way or
another if microsoft does well.

> Everyone has both favorite and horror stories about every hard drive
> manufacturer.  I've had 2 WD drives, both died within 8 years.  I've had
> 2 Seagate prior to my current 2; none have died, one is old
> (whenever 850 MB was HUGE, EXPENSIVE, and a specialty item.  I bought it
> used for $20.  The other is a positively ancient 171 MB drive that I
> found in the dump; dried it up, ran badblocks (found none)...
> I don't know about WDs SATA but if you go with Seagate, they come with a
> jumper on them for SATA-I that you have to remove for SATA-II
> performance.

WD had trouble with their 810MB drives.  That was a long time ago.
Seagate seems to have had major trouble figuring out how to make non
buggy SATA firmware, which has caused trouble with a number of
controllers.  I hope they ahve it figured out by now.  I have not had
trouble with WD SATA drives, they are fast, run very quiet, and so far
have been reliable.

> The hardest problem on a computer to track down is flaky memory so
> choose wisely.  Also, I would recommend ECC.  I went with Kingston 1 GB
> stick, ECC-800.  I'll add a second soon followed by a pair of 2 GB.  
> I don't know what the Zalman fan is for.  I got my AMD CPU in an AMD box
> with a CPU fan with a warning that if I used another it would void the
> warranty.  My CM-Stacker case came with a blow-hole fan, 3 front fans in
> drive bays, I put the PSU in the bottom and added 2 80mm fans to the
> upper PSU bay, plus I added the CM cross-flow fan.

I don't think it voids the warrenty.  On the other hand the serial
number for your warrenty is on the cpu fan.

> I don't see anything that would be inherently a no-go with linux but I
> do know from reading this list that wifi is interesting.  make sure its
> covered.

I didn't see wifi on the list.

I didn't see a dvd writer either.  PX760 is rather nice, and pxfw can
update the firmware from linux on it.

Len Sorensen

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