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Re: googleearth

Am Donnerstag 26 April 2007 schrieb Michael:
> Is somebody successfully running it in chroot ?
> (Debian unstable)
> "Thiago Nolasco" <thiago.nolasco@gmail.com>:
> > I dont guess so, but you must get it, the debian package is for all arch
> > ...
>  m°

Hi ! I managed to run it native. Just install the Debian make-package, execute 
it and install it with dpkg --force-all.

I have a chroot made with debootstrab as described on the amd64-debian main 

Add the path to the libs in ld.so.conf. Remeber to install nvidia-glx-32 in 
main system and do NOT install it in the chroot. 

Good luck


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