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Re: run away processes.

On Thu, 26 Apr 2007, chris wakefield wrote:

> On Thursday 26 April 2007 04:32, Michael wrote:
> > But there shouldn't be any 'run away' processes in the first hand (what
> > do you mean by run away?). Granted you're running some special stuff -
> > but i'm curious what is it, then?

> Run away, as in I have to <CNTL><ALT><F1> to get a console to kill the
> process to get my desktop to move again.  I run htop to find a process
> running at %100 cpu usage.
[ . . . ]

Busted software notwithstanding, I used to run a daemon called 'verynice'
but it doesn't seem to be in debian.  It regularly polled the process list
and assigned good and bad 'karma' to processes depending on whether they
were "hogging" the CPU.  The algorithm was quite robust and worked very
well to automatically renice run-away programs to keep my system
responsive.  You could even give it a list of misbehaving software that
would accrue bad karma more quickly (and hence get reniced rapidly if they
went nuts).

Perhaps one of these would help mitigate your problem:
  % apt-cache search renice
  and - Auto Nice Daemon
  bsdutils - Basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite
  reniced - renice running processes based on regular expressions
  schedutils - Linux scheduler utilities

-- Brad

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