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Re: Problems booting from SATA in a HP DC5750 (ATI SB600 ?) - ****Solved ?****

    Hardly a usual place.

Great!!! Kernel 2.6.21-r6 from kernel-archive.buildserver.net/debian-kernel/ does the trick. Thank you very much, Len. I had some trouble to figure out a suitable sources.list line (got it with Google - see http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=12430) for that particular repository (is there a howto on this somewhere?), but suceeded today, and got no errors at boot.

Now I am a bit concerned about deploying 20 or so *production* boxes with an experimental
kernel. Maybe I should try to patch and build 2.6.18 instead. Any comments?

Thank you,

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