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Re: Youtube on non X86 platforms.

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Robert Isaac wrote:

There is libswfdec, also free software.  If all you want or need flash
for is to view YouTube or Google Videos libswfdec and Gnash are a fine
replacement for flash.  It's when you come to the sites that think
complete flash design with the latest codec is the best possible way
to "wow" the customer that you need flash 9.

I'd rather avoid those sites, myself.

Which means that libswfdec and Gnash are good enough for you already. You
see, you fit one of the categories of my pragmatic approach :)
Somebody may _need_ to access some of those sites which do not work with
free flash plugins (yet) though, and while waiting for them to work they
have to use what works. Some notable examples I could cite are the websites
of some airline companies whose flights I cannot avoid to take every now and
then... Either I waste a lot of money going through their phone service or I
use a non-completely-free plugin to buy the tickets via their web site. It's
just a practical matter. I still would definitely _prefer_ to use a free
alternative, and will switch to it as soon as available. In the meanwhile, I
use what works for me.



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